Good Massage: Best and Updated Guide (2020)

Good Massage

It is not surprising that, after everything we do every day, our minds and bodies are anxious to heal. Often we want someone to address a C-type movement on our back or neck. Other vital people within you may emerge from time to time.

While you are creating intimate moments between you and your partner, you can offer a home remedy that can have better benefits of massage therapy, such as pain and stress reduction. Enjoying this fun together allows you to experience the power of touch in a comfortable and lovely environment.

Use this guide to learn some of the analytical techniques of massage used by professionals. 

What do you need?

  • Sheets
  • Candle
  • CD player
  • Mat or pad
  • Massage oil
  • Clean towels
  • Massage bed

Slow and easy way

Don’t worry during the massage. It is a vibrant and easy way for your partner or client. Spend time on all body parts.

  • Pay close attention and soften the brush.

Keep in Touch

Always keep your hands in contact with the skin. Your hands should be in connection with the service subject or partner throughout the massage. It lets everything flow, and the atmosphere will not break.

  • To draw a towel, you need to drink a glass of water or with little oil, but always put your hands on your skin.

Use communication Key

Communicate with the companion is the primary key throughout the massage process. It is essential to think about how they feel and how they react because of factors that make you feel healthy.

  • How is he feeling? Where do you want the body to work? But talk slowly and calmly to calm down.

Avoid spine and bones:

Never press the spine or other bone. It can be uncomfortable for your partner or client and may be more harmful than good.

  • Also, muscles are where you need to work, which increases stress. Stay in the Muscle

Focus on the notes

If you have many miles on the back of the person you are dealing with, it’s best to tie it up and release tension.

  • But first, ask some of your companions or partner because they are distressed and do not want to relax.
  • The lump can feel like significant stress or a tiny stump under the skin. Try to keep yourself on the limb. Otherwise, it will slip under your finger.
  • Press down gradually to the node; then turn your thumb or finger to remove it. For it to fully function, you need the reverse rotation.
  • However, please do not deal with any deep tissue; a qualified massage therapist is responsible for this problem. Pay attention to what is comfortable with your partner or client.

Tips for a good massage

Remember to prepare before the massage. Cut your nails, take a shower to relax, focus on the person to do and massage, relax through yoga, psychological methods or breathing techniques, and wear comfortable clothes.

  • If your back or body injuries after a massage, drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure your neighbors don’t see anything. Close the curtains.
  • Do not use your phone as any notifications, sounds or lights may interfere with the client during your session.
  • Many times, they will start hurting your hands after massaging someone. Therefore, you can gently rub your palms to reduce pain.
  • You can use some massage apps to guide you through each step of the massage process. Since you can place your Smartphone next to the massage area, this may be an easy option if you are forgetful. Please try not to cover your phone with the oil!

Precautions for massage

  • Never massage the wound.
  • Never massage your legs with varicose veins.
  • If you feel unwell, or if you or your partner is injured or sick, don’t do a massage.
  • If you have sex in the future, keep in mind that massages oil can negatively affect the physical form of contraception.
  • Be careful when applying pressure to the waist. Remember that the absence of ribs protects internal organs from the strength of the hand.
  • Avoid the back of the knee, as it is known to be a dangerous place because some important structures not well protect by tissues or muscles and are easily damaged.
  • In some cases, massage can aggravate the condition. If anyone else has any of the following problems or requirements, you should consult a doctor before receiving a massage:
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Temperature
  • Vascular injury
  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes and scars make the skin fragile.
  • Injuries or damage to the spine and disc herniation
  • Lose blood or take anticoagulants and warfarin
  • Bone weakness, due to osteoporosis, recent fractures or cancer
  • Deep vein thrombosis. That is, in deep veins, there is usually a blood clot in the leg.
  • In the area where you massage yourself, it can be any of the following: open or healed wounds, tumors, nerve damage, acute infection or inflammation, inflammation caused by radiation therapy.

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