Neck Massage Techniques

Neck Massage Techniques

Sitting on their desks or driving for extended periods often results in neck and shoulder pain.

Grasping them in the neck helps relieve tension. Massage may also improve blood circulation; Relieves headaches. A good neck massage is a gift. If you are an expert, it will be your friend.

What do you need?

  • Chair
  • Towel
  • Mat or sheet
  • Oil or massage oil
  • Massage Bed or table

Step # 1

Place your companion on his back. This means you should lie on your back. Ideally, you should find a raised surface so that your partner can lie down so you can stand or sit in a chair over your head. If you lie on the floor, you must bend a bit, which may damage your back.

  • If your companion has long hair, tie hair It, so it doesn’t hang on your face.
  • Slide your long hair back to the side of the table or bed to avoid accidentally pulling it during the massage.
  • Ask him to take off his shirt or clothes to free his chest from the collarbone.
  • If your partner is unwilling to go topless, give him a towel or blanket.

Step # 2

Choose oil or massage lotion. Sometimes you can buy massage oils in the supermarket, but if not, you can buy them online.

  • Some homemade oils, such as coconut oil, can also be used as excellent massage oils.
  • Olive oil and sesame oil can also be used, but are usually heavy and thick. Use a small amount of these essential oils for massage.
  • Before using almonds or sesame oil, make sure your partner does not have any nut allergies.
  • When rubbing, apply oil or lotion to your hands. It makes the product hot and makes your partner more comfortable.

Step # 3

Gently heat. Stand behind your head and place the heel of your palm on either side of your neck. Have a long, gentle Swedish massage to put pressure on your neck and shoulders.

  • Place your thumb under your neck and slide your index finger inward. Start with your ears and reach where your neck meets your shoulders.
  • He also turned over his shoulder. You can place your middle finger, ring finger and little finger in front of your shoulders.

Step # 4

Apply more pressure to your neck. “Four” fingers on both sides of the neck. Apply steady pressure to move your fingers from the bottom of your skull to your shoulders.

  • Pull your finger up to remove it from the table or mat to further relax the muscles. Doing this will raise your head slightly from the surface.
  • Repeat with your fingers across your neck.

Step # 5

Wrap your neck and shoulders with your thumbs. Move your index finger to little finger and place your thumbs on the sides of your neck under your ears. Apply firm pressure and slide your thumbs to the sides of your neck. Also, slide them along your shoulders until they reach the edge that connects to your arms.

  • Use the entire surface of the thumb, not just the tip. It will impose decentralized applications rather than centralized applications.
  • Avoid exposing your throat. Applying pressure in this area can cause a lot of pain.

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Step # 6

Massage the chest. The muscles in front of chest work with the muscles in the neck, so be sure to watch them.

  • Put your thumb back slightly.
  • Place the other four fingers in front of your shoulders.
  • Apply kneading pressure to the front of the shoulders and the upper chest below the collarbone.
  • Avoid applying pressure directly on the collarbone or any bone, as doing so can be very painful.

Step # 7

Apply undulating pressure under the neck. Use your index, middle and ring fingers under your partner’s neck. Starting with the ears, apply pressure from the head to the shoulders in a wave-like motion.

Be firm but not sudden. Your exercise may lift your partner’s shoulder slightly from the surface, but he should not feel pain.

Step # 8

Focus on each side of your neck. Turn your head to the side to expose your neck. Lift your head and place one hand underneath. After massaging one side of the neck, gently turn your head to the other side and massage.

  • Use your bare fingers to move from the leaves to your chest for long and firm movements.
  • Use your thumbs to rub the sides of your neck into small circles.

Step # 9

Apply pressure to the deep tissues of the neck. Deep tissue massage techniques can cause pain, so pay attention to your partner’s response when performing this procedure.

However, the tissues behind the ears can become very tense, so you have to put more pressure on these points to untie the knot. To perform this technique, you must rotate your head to one side and hold it with one hand.

  • Use your other hand to release your fist and press one side of your fist against the neck side behind your ear.
  • Apply a lot of pressure and move your fist to your neck very slowly. Walk down until your neck connects to your chest.
  • If you move your hand around your neck quickly, the considerable stress can be excruciating, so you can only do it at a slow speed.
  • Stay tuned for signs of pain. Although deep tissue massage can relax for a long time, it can also cause discomfort after doing so.
  • Give your companion a gap and let him breathe deeply in case he feels pain when you are ready to start again.

Step # 10

Place your fingers behind your ears for circular movements. The muscles behind the ears that connect the head to the neck tend to be tighter. To perform this technique, return your partner’s head to an upright position so that you can massage both sides of your neck at the same time.

  • Place your fingers on these muscles and apply pressure (but not cause pain).
  • Cycle your fingers to remove tension in the area.

Step # 11

Massage the muscles above the collarbone. You will feel small dents on this bone. Use your fingers for circular motions, and then kneading to massage the muscles in the area gently.


If you feel any swelling or lump on your neck or shoulder, gently rub with one or two fingers until you no longer need to remove them.

Advanced protection:

Never shrink the bones of your neck or back. Experts should do this be very careful when placing your hand on someone else’s neck. You don’t press the throat.


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