Massage for men: Top Ways to Adopt!

Massage for men

Some you can argue, but the truth is massage is much more common among women than it is in men. Yes, that’s the fact. The idea to go for a massage raises visions of pampering and spas which most men don’t find masculine. Now that’s another debate, but massage has several health benefits for men.

Studies have proven that men don’t share their feelings or emotions much and store tensions and stress in them. Whereas women openly share their feelings or problems.

The major disadvantage of absorbing stress is that men are mentally and physically more tense than women. We can link problems like bad temper and disturbed sleep with anxiety. A good massage for men can ease out the stress and tension in the muscles.

A message for men can also be a pleasant diversion from hitches and maybe what your man wants when he comes back from a tough day at work.

Below we will discuss why massage for men is becoming a necessity nowadays along with some of the benefits, effects that an ideal massage can have on men.

Workout recovery

Massage is a must for males that are involved in physical activities or sports. Massage eases the soreness of muscles and can improve the pace of healing by enhancing your body’s immune system. A sports massage is specifically designed to improve the performance of athletes.

Mood booster

Men don’t like to open up, especially when they’re going through the rough phase. While massage is not only used for more mood therapies, the serotonin enhancement delivered through a massage can improve your overall mental condition.

Fewer grey hairs

The ideal massage can provide relief from symptoms of tension and stress, like annoyance and high blood pressure, which can have adverse effects on men as they progress in terms of age. For this particular reason, a Swedish massage is fantastic.

Just for your information, good Massage is also a great cure to hangovers! Can you believe it?

Cure desk stiffness

We have seen that most men suffer from neck and backache, caused due to sitting or working on a desk all day. A good massage can provide relief from stiffness in back and neck— and makes you feel relaxed.

Improved flexibility

Regular Massage improves flexibility in the body. We can say that men are usually less flexible as compared to women, which makes them more inclined to severe muscle pains.

Better & Comfortable sleep

Research has proven that 20% of men have insomnia, the inability to sleep or staying asleep. Insomnia is usually associated with serotonin, or (the feel-good hormone) which is released from your body after the massage.

This sense of easing and comfort that you feel after a lovely massage helps spend more time in a comfortable and deep sleep.

Cardiovascular wellness

Massage is excellent for the health of the heart. Over 8% of men have heart problems, as per the CDC. Massage boosts blood circulation and lowers the levels of stress and cholesterol.

All these, if done correctly, can decrease the pressure on your heart and improve overall cardiac health.

Manage back pain

Men are exceedingly prone to lower back problems. 25% of men experience pain in the lower back every three months. Avoid surgeries and costly treatments — regular massage for men is proven to give comfort during back pain.

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Different Types of Massages For men

Now that we know why the message for men is vital and becoming so popular in recent times. But do you know there are several types of massage? Below will take a look at what are the types and which one is the best for you.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a soft and gentle type of full-body massage that’s ideal for men that:

  • are new
  • have a lot of stiffness and strain
  • are delicate to touch

It can release knots from the muscles, and it’s also an excellent choice if you want to feel totally relax.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is great for men who have tension or who want to ease or relax. This massage is much similar to a Swedish massage; the therapist uses hot stones instead of their hands. It improves the flow of blood and gets rid of aching by utilizing hot stones. This massage helps in:

  • improving blood flow
  • relieve pain
  • reducing the stress and makes you feel relaxed

Deep tissue massage

This massage involves more pressure than the Swedish massage. It’s a perfect selection if you have any prolonged muscle issues, such as injury or soreness. It can efficiently relieve chronic pain, tight muscles.

  • It is perfect if you have muscle tension or any long-lasting pain.
  • Avoid this if you’re sensitive to force or pressure.

Sports massage

Sports massage is best if you have any repetitive injury, such as what you get from playing a demanding sport. You can use this massage to increase flexibility. Furthermore, you can also get this message to relieve anxiety and pain.

  • It is the best option if you have any repetitive muscle issues.
  • This massage helps to enhance flexibility and decrease the risk of any injury.


Reflexology is best to restore your natural energy points. It’s also an elegant option if you don’t like to get touched on your whole body. Reflexology involves moderate to firm pressure on various pressure points of your hands, feet, and ears. You can also wear any loose clothing during this massage.

  • Reflexology centers on pressure points in your hands, ears, and feet.
  • Its an excellent option if you don’t feel comfortable when someone touches your body. You have the option to wear some clothes during Reflexology.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a more powerful way of massage and reduces pain and stress while providing a comfortable and calm feeling to your entire body. This message one of the most popular types of massage for men. It also improves:

  • Your flexibility
  • Blood circulation
  • Improved Energy


A gentle and nice massage makes any man feel well emotionally, mentally, and physically. Try different kinds of massage to find the perfect type that is perfect for you.

Always tell your intentions and outlooks with a therapist and be frank if you find anything that is making you uncomfortable during the massage. If you have any major or chronic health issues, we will recommend consulting with your doctor before going for any massage.


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