The Best Acupressure Massage For Healthy Spine

The Best Acupressure Massage For Healthy Spine

Acupressure is a form of massage therapy that is based on theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Finger pressure is used in this form of therapy to mobilize chi. These life force energy spots on the body are called acupressure points or acupoints. Unblocking and allowing these points to be released results in healthy well being. Most noteworthy, TCM has been used for more than 3500 years.

Back Pain Facts

Furthermore, back pain can stem from poor posture, sports-related injuries, work environment and even the bed you sleep on. Above all, 80% of people experience some sort of back pain throughout their lifetime. Most of the time this pain goes ignored and untreated. It affects millions of Americans in everyday life. It’s estimated that around 31 million Americans experience back pain at any given time, while $50 billion a year is spent trying to fix these issues. 

THOREX: Back Pain Relief-Acupressure Massage-Healthy Spine

Introducing a breakthrough personal massager by THOREX. This easy to use 8-wheel deep tissue massager is providing mobilization to joints and promoting healthy spine alignment from the comforts of your home. As a result, this company found a solution for a safe, affordable, and effective way to treat patients who suffer from chronic back pain.

Personal Rolling Massager
Thorex 8-Wheel Rolling Deep Tissue Massager 
  • Chiropractors and physical therapy can get expensive. THOREX can cut down on these costs and be used in between chiropractor and physical therapy visits.
  • THOREX uses no batteries, saves time, and can be used anywhere.
  • Instantly you will feel the stress and tension relief and can be used daily, or as much as needed.
  • Upper back, lower back, neck, calves, feet, and neck can all benefit from a session with THOREX

The Ultimate Personal Rolling Massager

Certainly, this deep tissue massage is exceptional for myofascial release and sore muscle relief. If you want a deep and pain-relieving massage THORAX is the massager you need to try. Because this effective massager allows for a deep massage across the whole body for instant relief.

Ultimate Personal Rolling Massager
Thorex Back Muscle Release Roller

Thorex Back Massage Roller for Deep Tissue Muscle Release, Improves Posture, Upper and Lower Back Pain Relief, for Men & Women, Chiropractor Approved
75 Reviews
Thorex Back Massage Roller for Deep Tissue Muscle Release, Improves Posture, Upper and Lower Back Pain Relief, for Men & Women, Chiropractor Approved
  • ALLEVIATE MUSCLE PAIN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Thorex back muscle release roller is a revolutionary non electric massaging device. Chiropractic Doctor approved and designed to help relieve chronic back and body pain. Designed in the United States of America with the highest quality materials available. It is the #1 fast acting natural solution available for pain relief in the market.
  • FEEL MORE PRODUCTIVE & STRONGER: Comfortably use against a wall or on ground floor, Thorex exerciser tool is easy to use and operate during your training and recovery sessions. Great alternative to pain killer pills/medication, heating pads, gel patches, pillows, belts, hooks, brace, shockers, stretchers, cheap vibrating machines, electric back massagers, items, and equipment etc.
  • ENJOY A FULL-BODY DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Great for; improving posture, alleviating pressure, back knots, spasm relief, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, massage, spine health, joints, nerves, intervertebral disk, stimulation, yoga therapy, axial referred and radicular pain support aid. Non electronic treatment and remedy.
  • LESS FUSS, LESS BACK PAIN: Perfect for; men, women, elderly, ladies, athletes, gym instructors, personal trainers, chiropractors, doctors, sports injuries, for home use. Use on upper and lower back, neck, shoulder blades, legs, calves, thighs, full body. For daily use; day and night, indoor and outdoor. Suitable for pregnant women.
  • GET YOUR BACK MASSAGER 100% RISK-FREE: Click “Add to Cart” to order now with our 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee! We are confident that Thorex will outperform any ball, shiatsu massage machine, gun or foam roller. Full product lifetime guarantee refund and replacement guarantee! Free shipping for Prime.


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