Percussion Massage Guns VS. Vibration Massagers

Percussion Massage Guns vs. Vibration Massagers
Percussion Massage Guns vs. Vibration Massagers

These impressive hand-held devices deliver direct, pulsated pressure that travels deep into your muscle tissue to supply pain relief. Consider it as a tool that offers you the quality of a sports therapeutic sports massage without having to visit a massage therapist. As a result, the rapid kneading that comes from percussion massage guns offers you the power to break up painful scar tissue and lactic acid build-up.

Percussion Massage Guns vs. Vibration Massagers which is more useful?

First of all, nothing is more painful than scar tissue build-up from years of injuries and constant ware-and-tare from sports and exercise. Vibration massage is performed by a physical therapist, the massage gun performs the exact same massage treatment. During massage from a therapist, their stroke shakes the affected muscle, using light to firm pressure. The shaking will be much more vigorous and constant from a massage gun, designed specifically for the purpose of breaking up lactic acid and scar tissue build-up. Vibrational massage, using the massage gun, can be applied to any part of the body.

Vibration Massagers

Above all vibrating massagers sometimes aren’t effective at providing the deep kneading required to release out stingy muscle issues. Percussion massage, offered by massage guns, is known to relax tense muscles, by providing powerful massage to your back, neck, and shoulders and other parts of the body. Massage guns are great for the percussion massage technique. Training athletes will find it to be extremely effective in helping boost muscle strength and improve muscle ability.


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